Driving school program


At Traffic safety incorporated, we are currently in the process of offering free driving experience our Safe driving program in the Mornington peninsula only  to young people other the age of 16 years old and currently, holders of a learners permit issued by Vic roads driving school driving hours


  • The initial requirement for our Safe driving program, be for low income earning families ( evidence of such will need to be provided, Recommendations from other Community organization)
  • Service may be available to families  who are not in the above bracket, (conditions apply)
  • We are a not for profit organization who relies purely on donations to offer our services, and as such can only do as our budget dictates (petrol cost, vehicle insurance, etc,) so we can keep this program ongoing driving school
driving school, Mornington peninsula

We have noticed the new requirements to obtain a drivers license is a logbook with 160 hours of driving experience required to sit the test,  we disagree with that, and find it of no help and just another added burden to parenting,  Experience is acquired in all sort of vehicles, 4 wheel drives,  V8, V6,  whatever the family vehicle is.  And realistically people are gaining experience in vehicles that they will not be able to drive under a Probationary license