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Who we are

A group of small/medium companies. Around the Mornington Peninsula. We support Traffic safety incorporated Victoria. Towards the improvement of road safety, and control procedures. Joining their individual resources they are now capable of tendering for Bigger projects. Increasing the presence on the roads, To put it in short. Subcontractors to us, supported by Us, Teamwork, communication is the key to our operation. Clients only have to deal with us for their requirements. We do the rest. ( Insurance and permits)

traffic control utility


Our company owns and operates fully equipped vehicles. Constantly maintained to ensure safety and availability. Each vehicle is fitted with a GPS. The GPS in each of the vehicles ensures safety standards are met, traffic controllers, arrive on-site at appropriate times and vehicle maintenance is kept up to date. Unlike many traffic control companies. we also own and operate our own TMA vehicles. Each TMA vehicle features Scorpian 180. Energy Absorption Units and VMS Board Capabilities. Therefore to ensure safety is paramount whilst on site. We also are the only group owning static TMAs (pictures below)

Provide a modern fleet of fully equipped control utes traffic management


Each management plan is created by our experienced planning team. Also using the latest computer software.  Plans are made to suit the work-site. Planning is an important task. Any possible dangers must be considered. Plans are vital for anyone working near roads or pedestrians. The Safety of workers, pedestrians, and nearby drivers is a priority. Our planning team also ensures all situations are taken into account. when developing the plans. Traffic management plans are also important as authorities and councils require plans for the permit applications. Project-specific safety management plans for traffic control

  • civil works (Vic Roads or Council works)
  • Also Traffic control at construction sites
  • Film and security traffic management
  • Emergency call outs (24/7 service)
  • Freeway works
  • Crane works, Utility works
  • Site survey and safety audits
  • We also support ” protect the environment policy” in all our operations. traffic control