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the mapping systems

road guidance Australia Every car manufacturer is forming alliances with mapping companies, google, bing, and others  with the sole purpose of finding a solution to the navigation of vehicles,  We call that space navigation,  Margin of errors for automated vehicles is to great and may jeopardize safety , Space navigation should not be used as a primary guidance system but as a secondary  system road trip planner

The truth

  • They will never be a full autonomous vehicle on the roads except for public transport, Taxi and uber are not included, set routes , set destinations, set stops
  • Semi autonomous already exist
  • By the time we may have full autonomous , drone technology will take precedence

road guidance Australia

Here we will try to give you information about our Advanced road guidance System (ARDS) as we call it.

road safety Australia

Car Manufacturer

ADRS  has no connection with any car manufacturers

 While car manufacturers are busy developing  their vehicle for automation, or Autonomous,  to us it is ignoring the reality of vehicles o the road, all they can do is develop safety feature, like lane keeping, Adaptive cruise control,  Collision warning and many more options, Nothing is ever heard about navigation

Kangaroo road safety

The kangaroo myth

Spending, millions of dollars to test the collision system in semi-autonomous vehicles using Australian Kangaroos, we can not wait for the wombat test,  No matter whether human driver or autonomous,  its all a matter of braking distance and speed,  making the car try to avoid  the Kangaroo by viring right or left or continue straight is ridiculous i prefer to take my chance and continue straight, braking safely  coming to a full stop and restart my journey when safe.


ok  since we use some kind of target locking device for our road guidance system,  so far we have 3 roads where we can run our vehicles on full automation,  with 2 crossovers and 6 junctions   we can make the vehicle turn right or left or continue straight,  the side roads are not set so the vehicle will come to a stop within  30 m  of the junction, thats when we have to jump in and put it back on prepared roads, it needs to lock  on or it will stop


Virtual rail network, crossovers, lights, junctions


Missile Guidance technologies, Target acquisition

road guidance Australia Last word

We have no sponsors, no local support, purely self-funded by traffic safety incorporated. We have installed our guidance system requirements on over 100 km of public roads, obviously, roads authorities have no idea where nor would they care unless you look for a specific item  you would not be any wiser. we welcome Expressions of interest in our system