Reflective measurement systems

road safety system

Retrotek Australia. Defective line-markings seriously affect the performance of the system, We are guessing that most of the lane-keeping technology is affected by that. Road analysis under standards negates the lane-keeping technology rendering it unreliable. We have had to develop a technology that can determine the standard of the road markings overall. Testing the glass bead in the paint is not sufficient to certify  “suitable For Adas (lane-keeping technology)” 

  •  Retrotek Australia NZ reflective measurement systems retroreflectivity or retroreflection is an optical phenomenon in which reflected rays of light are preferentially returned in directions close to the opposite of the direction from which the. rays came. This property is maintained over wide variations of the direction of the incident rays. 
  • Retrotek Australia NZ  of a material is one technology used to enhance the readability and perception of the information displayed in low-light and night-time conditions. 
  • The retroreflectivity of road markings provides visual guidance to assist the driver’s awareness of lanes and road edges. It grants an effective traffic flow, comfortable driving experience, and a safe traffic environment. 

our System Works Entirely From Road markings , Road Studs for guidance, Let’ s say the 2 white are like Train tracks the Driver-less vehicle is kept between the White line, Information about speed Zones is fed via data linking, All information regarding lights, stop, are all fed via data linking Technology ,yellow road studs affect the guidance system. In the next few posts, we will elaborate on, How  we  measure the minimum standards for the system to operate safely and remain between the two white lines, Then we will move onto, how the info is fed to the automated Vehicles 

Additional Information

  • We use a technology capable of carrying out surveys across the full lane width and at all traffic speeds. Data that is collected includes retroreflectivity of road markings (lines, symbols, arrows, etc.) and the presence or absence of reflective pavement markings (RPMs).
  • Our technology identifies non-performing reflective road assets, lines, markers, and reflectors to assist road maintenance contractors and local authorities by highlighting where asset maintenance is required.
  • Retrotek Australia NZ technology is a highly efficient tool for road engineers, who are responsible for maintaining road assets and the RL standards of markings and performance of studs and barrier reflectors.
  • Operated at night at traffic speeds up to 100 km/h with minimal disruption to traffic flow