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We have been trying to create rain and we believe we can. Now to find the legalities of the operation would cost us thousands of dollars which we obviously don’t have. But if we sold our water it would be a different story. The concept was not designed to sell water to individuals or companies or states but purely to assist farmers with the existing drought, but creating rainfall could be illegal  Whats next? 

We also have been testing and developing strategies for water to reach farmers in need of water for agriculture.

Focused on east Gippsland and trying to determine a location for prototyping our project, is very difficult, even though we hear that east Gippsland suffers from drought, where to start?


Our statement

We believe that blaming the drought on climate change is not quite correct and a diversion to deflect the government responsibility to provide adequate support to local agriculture. We do admit that yes we affect the climate with our behavior and efforts should be made to address that, But it is not the solution since whatever we do now will only start showing in the next 10 years, meaning this current situation will remain impacting us for the next 10 years, will it get worse or better, who knows, all we can do is slow it down but definitely not solve it, We call that human evolution, and pretty much feel that we are flogging a dead horse in the quest of “nature versus Human kind” i would place my bets on nature

We have submitted our project to a European consortium for evaluation, and the possibility of receiving a grant from the world bank in Geneva. We are currently continuously feeding acquired data, to support our proposal. a land care project in support of Victorian Agriculture. To some countries water is gold, is water gold in Australia? will it become gold ? that only wealthy people will be able to access. Currently the production of water per liter is 15 cents, all the water you water at 15 cents a liter, If you can’t afford that you are at the mercy of the Authorities, City water supply preserved, agriculture drip feed. We believe that most of Melbourne water supply is foreign owned, so we buy our water from foreigners, (little information regarding that one is available nor denial or confirmation is available)

Currently the drought program established by governments is supply food for cattle or immediate solutions to a situation, there are no plans for the future or try resolve the situation or a long term basis, Every proposal that we have initiated , rebuttals came out of everywhere, We have enough of playing ping pong with negatively minded people or simple bureaucrats that have no idea, We need the support of local Australians, please speak or nothing will change.

We are quite happy to attend community meetings to answer your questions

We have no association with any political party, and purely are a not for profit organisation heading “break the drought movement”

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