What we want

A) Establishment of Local Police (or community police) State police to be renamed State police) Communities are all different and must be handled with local culture knowledge.

B) Establishment of a system in granting a system of citizenship

a) only privileged citizenship to be granted Migrants and refugees (Allowing the government to remove the granted privilege in certain cases) examples to folllow:

b) Refugee from which countries . The political persecution or other ceases. Assessment of contribution to Australia assessed and if deemed to be productive be granted Full citizenship

c) Serious Crimes committed in Australia by migrants or refugees, could lead to the privileged citizenship, removed.

d) Child born in Australia from visitor. refugee. Migrant do not automatically acquire Australian Citizenship. ( a requirement would be, this is only an example: Having resided in Australia continuously for 7 years

Local Control over foreign investment

Keep Australia control in Australian Hands

While labor and liberal purposes differs very little in regards to foreign investment, a) indiscriminate foreign investment, b) as long as it create jobs , labor is happy.

Our government will take any money and sell Australia if need be , for their political Agenda

We need a change before our country is sold from under us

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