Covid-19 versus bureaucrats

My life, my choice

We are so disappointed at the government attitude towards the public. Bullying us into your wishes, via fines and so on , It is not the way to go,

We will do as we understand , and interpret it to our individual persona,

Tempting the spread by public protest, is going to far but what can you do when you are being violated of your rights.

We have sent multiple emails to multiple agencies. We do not expect any reply or anything, Public versus bureaucrats, sorry Public you lose.


  • Failing to listen
  • Failing to educate the community, choosing to bully the community
  • Depriving citizens of constitutional rights.
  • Only actions are taken from modeling , Modeling = speculation. not reality
  • You failed there, on the other side of the coin, As far as protecting our health care workers, and upgrading our system for preparedness to a covid-19 influx , good job.
  • constantly announcing cases, is only for the benefit of the bureaucrats to validate their actions, not for yours.
  • Covid-safe app efficiency remains to be seen, It is not the primary contact tracing system, but just an added helper. I have it on my phone to be fair, but I think a waste of resources
  • To have a decent exit strategy. We need advisors with social skills, and not academic. or medical doctors. That are what they are, Medical.
  • Coming out of something we can’t beat at the moment, The medics have made us aware of what it is, and consequences, now spare us your ideas about how to re-open the country. Stay out of it. Let The right people for the job and you are not.

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