Drought solutions

For the last 12 months we have been producing fresh water, our storage capacity is currently 1.2 million litres which is now full with a current production capacity of 24 000 litres per day, Currently suspended due to lack of storage.

We are currently seeking irrigation plans in Victoria for the release of that water, At this stage we plan to release it for free in drought affected area (if possible), we do not have a delivery system set up yet and for that reason are looking at dumping it into existing irrigation systems, Planned delivery system are on the drawing board but unless we get some kind of support it will not happen, but we will keep our storage facilities full Until we are in a possibility of selling our water, or obtaining some sort of subsidy .

But as stated previously we are happy to release the water into irrigation systems, all subject to location, and distance from storage point. We retain our discretion for such free release.

For more information contact Victor 0429 499906

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